Top 5 tips on how to help a loved one with medical needs

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We are living in challenging times.  

The world can feel like a frightening place, what with pandemics, political upheaval and poverty.  And if you or someone you love has specific medical needs which are not being met, this can add an extra level of stress.

Here in the community of Malmesbury and the surrounding villages, there is support.  Malmesbury League of Friends (MLOF), who provide medical equipment and support to the local community are here to help and recommend these top tips to help you and your loved ones:

  1. Help them with research.  Dealing with difficult medical or financial hardship because of them can really affect how able someone is to explore their options.  Help your loved ones by contacting relevant national bodies like Social Services, the Citizens Advice Bureau and charities for specific health issues.  MLOF Trustee Hayley Webb says, “Being Type 1 Diabetic, I often turn to the charity Diabetes UK for help and advice, they are a great support”.   Also approach local support like GP practices and community charities (like Malmesbury Community TrustWiltshire Community FoundationMalmesbury Area BoardHEALS and The Jack Lane Trust) to find out how they could help.  Here are some more local suggestions from our website.
  1. Ask for recommendations.  Nothing beats personal experience, so talk to your friends and network to hear other people’s advice on how to deal with similar issues.  Click here to read about some of MLOF’s success stories and see how we have been able to help local people.  Could we help your loved one?
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  1. Help them to reach out to social media and local support.  Feeling isolated is a common problem for those living with specific medical needs., particularly if they are elderly and live alone.  The world of social media is buzzing with support groups of people helping each other, nationally, internationally but more importantly, locally.  Help your loved one to access the virtual world by searching on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also to meet local community groups.  
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MLOF is working with and supporting the Hello Project which, once the Coronavirus pandemic is behind us, will endeavour to co-ordinate all the relevant voluntary groups in the town, through a new website and brochure, which will be in the doctors’ surgeries, library and town hall. This will enable those who need help to identify relevant support groups.

Click here to visit our Facebook group where we list some really helpful support resources.   Do you run a group like this?  Could MLOF help you financially to do this?  Get in touch here.

  1. Volunteer with local charities and groups.  Help them to help your loved one.  Do you have spare time and skills to contribute to your community?  As well as gaining a sense of personal satisfaction in knowing you are helping local people, valuable skills can be gained through volunteering, not to mention making friends and expanding your network.  
  1. Help spread awareness of the help available.  MLOF was the grateful beneficiary of a substantial legacy a few years ago, which has enabled it to carry on its important work.  We are always very grateful to be remembered when people are drawing up their wills.  If you or someone you know could benefit from our help, please share our details on social media and by word of mouth.

Communities pulling together is what the world needs, especially at the moment.  There are so many ways you can support your loved ones with specific medical needs and reaching out for help is the key.  

Malmesbury League of Friends are here supporting local people in need so please help us raise awareness of this valuable resource.  Visit our website and follow our Facebook page to find out how we could help you and how you could help your community.